About us

Based in Munich, we work around the globe as BI consultants. We do so with a technological focus on SAP and SAS, an industry focus on the financial services sector, and a growing team of very experienced consultants.

Our goal is to work with you over the long-term on your tasks and goals. Our promise is to convince you with excellent contribution, to earn your lasting trus. One question has driven us since we began – can’t BI be a little bit smarter? Today we know: Yes it can!


Smart BI requires more than knowledge. It emerges from the synthesis of expertise and commitment: Expertise in your industry, the relevant processes, the technologies. Commitment to you, your company and your company’s goals. To be precise, we provide you with technological BI know-how in SAP and SAS environments.

Covering all areas – planning, building and running BI systems and solutions. Covering all industries. We also offer an especially strong knowledge of BI for the Financial Services Industry. Our customers and partners particularly value our keen insight into all regulatory matters like risk, compliance, transparency and reporting.


Overview of our consulting expertise:


For enterprises of all branches looking for smarter decision-making

  • BI Strategy
  • BI Competence Center Implementation
  • BI Maturity Level Assessment
  • BI Architecture
  • BI Conception
  • BI Authorization Concepts
  • BI Implementation
  • BI Operations
  • BI Performance
  • BI Migration and Transformation
  • BI Training
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Corporate Planning
  • Management Cockpit


For users or future users needing smart BI from SAS

  • SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server
  • SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Server
  • SAS Metadata Server
  • SAS DataFlux Products
  • SAS Visual Analytics
  • SAS Credit Scoring for Banking
  • SAS Enterprise Governance Risk and Compliance
  • SAS Customer Intelligence
  • SAS Risk Management for Insurance
  • SAS IT Ressource Management


For users or future users needing smart BI from SAP

  • SAP BI und Netweaver
  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP BeX and SAP Business Objects
  • SAP Hana
  • SAP Business Planning and Simulation
  • SAP Integrated Planning
  • SAP Advanced Programming in ABAP/OO


For enterprises looking to generate more value from their BI

  • IFRS (FinRep)
  • Basel II & III
  • BCBS 239
  • Solvency II


Our consultants are made of flesh and bone. Sounds obvious, but it does say a lot about how we see ourselves. Their toolkit includes experience, knowledge, intelligence and intuition. Below is an overview of selected projects in which 29forward has provided support and was able to contribute to an excellent result:

SAS Credit Scoring for Banks

Our task was to design, implement and operat a system for international credit-scoring. Including the modelvalidations, the processing of losses and the necessary risk reporting.

SAS Architecture for Banks

Our task was to setup an archtitecture concept, the authorization concept and the international deployment of SAS platforms in numerous large banks. Furthermore we monitored the use and expansion of the systems by constantly keeping the concepts and implementations up-to-date.

SLA Monitoring for Bank

The project focus was on designing and developing a framework to provide data for the monitoring of SLAs between IT service providers and the affiliated banks. Here, we replaced the customer’s in-house solution with the SAS Solution ITRM.

Reporting Platform for CRM

Our task was to conceive and develop a reporting platform for a multi-partner program. Here, more than 2,500 affiliated branches were provided with detailed reports about business developments.

Optimization of SAS Dataprovision for Insurance

The scope of this project covered the optimization of the ETL routes at an insurance company. The goal was to optimize the running time of the existing ELT route. The result was an up to 90% reduction in running times.

SAS Portfoilo Analysis for Banking

Our task was to design and implement a tool for risk management at the portfolio level. We developed the architecture concept – for migration of the SAS Credit Scoring for Banking – the authorization concept, and took over the implementation of the authorization concept and the support of the system operations.

Score-based Early Warning System for Telecommunication

Our task was to design and implement a score-based early warning system. The goal was to reduce the risk of defaults in payment.

Development of an international Risk-Management Platform on SAP BW

It was our task to develop and implement an all new international Reporting for the board of directors and the German BaFin in the area of Credit- and Residual Risk Value. The challenge was to establish a bank-wide valid data model which would outlast all future requirements on the basis of an LSA-structure.

Development of a company-wide Planning and Simulation Process based on SAP BPS

In order to calculate an accurate Probability of Default for a whole range of company portfolios we were given the task to establish a planning process based on SAP BPS. In the Scenario we calculated a number of 100 foreign affiliates and displayed the results within a dedicated reporting.

Set up of an overview process for incoming car orders of an established car manufacturer

In order to analyze the car modeling process within the production we had the task to set up a Data Warehouse procedure on SAP BW to follow the change of incoming orders for the entire car manufacturing process. This development also had the task to give a predictive analysis for a valuecycle of complete brand.

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